Natural Locs Salon

Natural Locs Salon

It is our goal to inform, enlighten and encourage women and men of all backgrounds to use a healthy approach to embrace their natural hair.

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Hair Services

Consultation - $20
Appointments will be made for the service at the time of the consultation.
Fast Start Loc Package - $200 (call for appointment)
We are the creators of the Fast Start Loc Package. This is a pre-package where you would come once a week (AFTER YOUR FIRST INITIAL STARTER LOC APPOINTMENT) for the first four weeks of starting your locs. You must schedule to have your appointments on the books already. Because it's weekly and pre-paid the price is discounted at $50 x 4 appointments = $200.
Loc Maintenance - $80
Loc Maintenance with Barrell Rolls - $95
Loc Maintenance with Two Strand Twists - $95
Loc Maintenance with Individual Plaits - $95
Loc Maintenance with a Bun - $90
Loc Maintenance with Cornrows - $90
Loc Maintenance with Updo Style - $95
Loc Maintenance with Loc Petals - $100
This is for a whole head of loc petals.
Loc Maintenance with Rods/Pipe Cleaners - $100
Locksmithing Technique Starter Locs - $100
If you would like to look like you've already started the budding stage (No COILS or TWO STRANDS) then this starting technique is for you.
Locksmithing with Maintenance - $90
This service is a technique used when maintaining the loc that tames the frizziness of the loc.
Micro Locs Maintenance (Palm roll) - $100
This service is for palm rolling micro locs, this does not include interlocking
Interlocking (Traditional not micro) - $100
This service is for regular traditional Locs. This price excludes sister Locs, micro Locs, or small Locs.
Micro Locs Maintenance with Style - $115
This service starts at 115.00 and goes up depending on the intricacy of the style.
Loc Style Only - $45
Comb/Gel Twists - $75
Prices range from $75-90 depending on length of hair.
Two Strand Twists - $75
This service ranges from $75-90 depending on the length of the hair and the thickness of the twists.
Loc Repair (call for appointment)
Loc Shaving - $25
Protective Styles and Updo's - $70
This service includes a shampoo and deep conditioning treatment.
Shampoo, Deep Conditioning and Blow Dry - $45
Starter Locs with Comb Coils (short) - $90
Starter Locs with Comb Coils (long) - $100
Starter Locs with Two Strand Twists (short) - $90
Starter Locs with Two Strand Twists (long) - $100
Starter Micro Locs - $450
This service starts at 350.00 and the price will increase depending on the length and actual size decided upon for the micro locs
Trim (Locs) - $15
Trim (Natural Hair) - $40
Twist Out - $80
Big Chop - $40
This service involves cutting off any remaining perm/relaxer/chemical or damaged hair leaving your healthy natural hair
Virtual/Remote Consultation - $25
Your consultation will be done by Instagram or Facebook messenger if you are unable to come to an in person consultation. Please have someone with you to help show portions of your hair clearly (ie. the back).
Loc Extensions - $500 (call for appointment)
We do not provide the hair. Please ask what vendors we can refer you to for the purchase of the hair. A deposit of $150 must be paid to hold your spot and the difference is due the day of the appointment.
Microlocs Maintenance (Interlock) - $120
Instant Locs - $350
Hair is crochet to create a Loc instantly


Tajanae Hair Oil - $10
8 oils make up this house blend of oils.
After payment is received we will contact you to determine if you'd like your item shipped or if you'd like to pick it up.
Naturez Cure Hair Growth Oil - $15
This oil is specifically blended with oils that promote hair growth.
Natural Locs Edge Control - $12
Used to lay and slay those edges. Great for 4C type hair.


Deep Conditioning Treatment - $15
Hot Oil Treatment - $15
Loc Detox - $25
Deep Conditioning & Steam Treatment - $25
Scalp Treatment - $15
Nizoral Scalp Treatment
Scalp Massage - $10
Scalp Soothie ™️ used to massage the scalp during your shampoo

Eyebrow Services

Eyebrow Sculpting - $25
Eyebrows shaped with tweezers
Eyebrow Tint - $20
Eyebrow Wax - $15


Hair Color - $45
This service is from root to end with one process and only level 20 lift.
Hair Color Double Process - $95
This service is from root to end with a double process meaning your hair will be pre lightened before applying the color.
Hair Color Root Touch Up - $20
This service is for gray coverage at the root only.
Hair Color Tips Only - $35
Add $15 for double processing on tips.

Smile Blingz

Tooth Gem Application - $35
Add sparkle to your smile with tooth gems. Choose from a variety of gems and colors. This is a temporary & painless procedure. A waiver must be signed. Please note that with proper care a tooth Gem can last anywhere from 3-12 months. They will naturally fall off. We DO NOT remove tooth gems. Please consult a dentist for proper removal with no damage to the teeth.
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